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Prescription Required
Prebiotic & Prebiotic capsules
Store below 30°C

Benefits of AQUAGUT: Prebiotics are components of foods that can not be digested and are thought to encourage health through their association with gut bacteria. In functional foods, prebiotics are typically ingredients, or certain traditional or modified foods that offer a value that goes beyond basic nutrition. In the small intestine, prebiotics are not digested because we lack the requisite enzymes to break them down into components where they can be absorbed into our bloodstreams. They are brought into contact with gut bacteria by this lack of breakdown, where they play a role in promoting the growth and activity of select bacteria that are good for our health. Fermentation is responsible for much of this beneficial interaction with gut bacteria. The number of bifidobacteria (a friendly type of bacteria frequently targeted by probiotic supplements) is most likely to increase with prebiotics, but the number of various other host-friendly bacteria also tends to increase. Help with calcium absorption Adjust the rate at which foods cause blood sugar spikes (the glycemic index) Ferment food quicker, so that your digestive system takes less time. That doesn't help you get constipated. Keep the gut-lining cells safe.

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AQUAGUT Side effects: Most prebiotics and probiotics can be safely consumed by most healthy adults without side effects. In some cases, while your digestive system adjusts, abdominal discomfort, bloating and gas may occur. However, you should talk to your healthcare provider to get a personalized recommendation for including prebiotics in your diet if you have IBS or another gastrointestinal disorder..


Health benefits of AQUAGUT Research showed that about 4 million adults use probiotics for health purposes. There is still further research needed to definitively determine the advantages of supplementing gut bacteria. Analysis, however, shows that probiotics give major health advantages. Some evidence shows that prebiotics and probiotics capsules are successful in treating diarrhea, allergic disorders, irritable bowel syndrome, and even common colds. Prebiotics and probiotics have been proposed as obesity remedies. They are being investigated as a way to keep cancer from spreading. Probiotics have been shown by promising studies to be an effective treatment for inflammatory arthritis.